St. Joseph Council [10018]
• 573 Simcoe Street  • Beaverton, ON L0K 1A0  • parish office (705) 426-7424
Supreme Knight
Patrick Kelly
Council Officers (St. Joseph's)
Current year Roster: 2022-2023
Thomas Adams
Grand Knight
Grand Knight SK Bro. Tom became a Knight in March 1989 and has served as Grand Knight 1993 to 2002, 2008 to 2017, 2022 to present.
Rev. Oswin Fernandes
Chaplain Fr. Oswin Fernandes joined the St. Joseph parish in July 2010
Kirk Schuller
Past Grand Knight
Past Grand Knight Bro. Kirk became a Knight in September 2014 and served as Grand Knight 2017 to 2022.
Michael A Blahy
Financial Secretary
(905) 392-8922
Financial Secretary SK Bro. Mike became a Knight in March 2003 with North York Council 4393, where he has served two years as Grand Knight. He joined St. Joseph parish in late 2010 when his family moved to Pefferlaw and began his involvement with Council 10018.
Alan W Brown
Deputy Grand Knight
Deputy Grand Knight Bro. Alan is one of our most recent Knights going through the first three degrees within a month.
Brian McCabe
Chacellor SK Bro. Brian has been a Knight since March 1982 with Georgina Council 8026, where he served as Grand Knight. His involvement with St. Joseph Council started in late 2010.
To Be Determined
Recorder Currently vacant
Kirk Schuller
Treasurer Bro. Kirk became a Knight in September 2014. He served as Deputy Grand Knight from 2015 to 2017 and Grand Knight from 2017 to 2022.
Neil Macklem
The Advocate Bro. Neil became a Knight in May 2000.
Eduardo Melo
Warden Bro. Eddy became a Knight in September 1982.
Anthony Adams
Inside Guard
Inside Guard Bro. Tony became a Knight in May 1999, and currently serving in the Canadian Forces.
Joseph Fiume
Outside Guard
Outside Guard Bro. Joe became a Knight in March 1989. He has served as Grand Knight and is retired from the York Regional Police.
Gary Williams
One Year Trustee
Trustee 1st Year Bro. Gary became a Knight in October 2021. He is also involved with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
Giovanni D'Angelo
Two Year Trustee
Trustee 2nd Year Bro. John became a Knight in October 2012.
Saverio Niccoli
Three Year Trustee
Trustee 3rd Year Bro. Sam became a Knight in November 1988 and is a Charter Knight.
To Be Determined
Lecturer Currently vacant.
To Be Determined
District Deputy
District Deputy Currently District 33 does not have a District Deputy